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                                                                                 Sustaining and empowering 
                                                                                                            Foster & Adoptive families through 
                                                                                                            community, education 
                                                                                                           and support

    How Ibsen Adoption Network was born...

The Ibsen Adoption Network was named in honor of Niels and Sylvia Ibsen. In the 1940's and 1950's, the Ibsen's parented many foster children and adopted a 12 year old boy, long before society was supportive of adoption or foster care. Their example inspired their children and grandchildren to continue reaching out to orphaned children worldwide. Wayne and Marilyn (Ibsen) Brisbane were foster parents and are now blessed with 27 grandchildren, 13 homegrown and 14 adopted.
The Ibsen Adoption Network is proudly celebrating their 19th year of service to the adoption community in Washington State and look forward to another many years of dedication to orphaned children worldwide. For nearly 20 years, Ibsen has been an instrumental resource for families feeling called to adopt or do foster care.  They find encouragement, education and support through our annual Restore Retreat, luncheons, campouts and multiple monthly support groups.  At Ibsen, it is our passion to walk beside families through the entire journey!
In the future, Ibsen only hopes to grow their outreach and assistance to adoptive families in the community by expanding support services and developing resources for families post adoption. We are encouraged by the growing awareness of adoption in Thurston county and beyond and hope to inspire further growth as we serve adoptive families.